can dogs eat pumpkin pie

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Pie? Risks, Concerns, & Tips

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Pie? Risks, Concerns, & Tips

Fall is quickly approaching, and with it comes the chance to prepare a variety of mouthwatering pumpkin recipes, including pumpkin soup, pumpkin smoothies, and pumpkin pie. You might be wondering which, if any, of these delectable autumnal goodies are suitable for your dog. So, can dogs eat pumpkin pie? Is pumpkin pie safe for dogs to eat?

Because of the toxicity of seasonings like nutmeg and the high sugar and fat content, dogs cannot consume pumpkin pie. Giving your dog a piece of pumpkin pie or pumpkin pie filling from a can can upset their stomach, especially little dogs. Ingestion of other pumpkin-flavored baked treats like pumpkin bread is not safe either, as these also contain sugar, fat, and toxic ingredients like nutmeg or the artificial sweetener xylitol.

pumpkin pie with whipped cream

Pumpkin Pie Ingredients & Effects

A dog may eat pumpkin in its natural state, but if you add cream and sugar to it together with other components, the food becomes unsuitable for dogs. First of all, manufactured sugar isn't the same as raw sugar. Dogs require sugar, but it should come from entire foods, like bananas or blueberries, which also include nutrients in addition to the fruit's inherent sugars. Refined sugar contains a lot of useless calories that can make your dog gain weight, disrupt their metabolism, and eventually develop diabetes.

A variety of spices included in pumpkin pie spice are unsafe for dogs. Because it includes a substance called Myristicin, which is harmful to dogs if they take it in large quantities, nutmeg is particularly bad for dogs. Fortunately, if your dog eats a slice of pumpkin pie, they won't be exposed to the toxin; nevertheless, the spices may make them feel queasy.

Hazards Of Feeding Dogs Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie shouldn't be given to dogs by their owners for a number of reasons. It is best to avoid giving your dog any sugary pumpkin flavored treats for the following reasons:

Fat & Oil Content

Saturated fats and oils included in pumpkin pie filling and pie crust can upset your dog's digestive tract and cause an upset stomach or abdominal pain. A dog's food that is too high in fat can potentially cause significant problems like pancreatitis. Another common topping for pumpkin pie, whipped cream, is very fatty.

Sugar Content

Pumpkin pie is bad for dogs because of how much sugar it contains. Obesity and weight gain can result from eating too much sugar. Additionally, it may cause an increase in heart rate and blood sugar levels. Some sugar-free pumpkin pie recipes may use the hazardous to dog breeds artificial sweetener xylitol.

Toxic Ingredients

Nutmeg and allspice are both included in pumpkin pie spice. Eugenols found in allspice can damage your dog's liver, and myristicin found in nutmeg can cause hypertension, confusion, and seizures. Never give your dog any food containing these spices.

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What To Do If Your Dog Eats Pumpkin Pie

There's no need to panic if your dog takes a piece of pie when you're not looking. Although your dog may show symptoms of stomach trouble, such as vomiting or diarrhea, it should disappear in a short period of time. Watch for the following signs and symptoms in your dog:
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy
  • Whimpering

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms in your furry friend, consult your veterinarian right away. It is always better to be safe than sorry. More often than not, your dog may experience minor symptoms after eating a small piece of pumpkin pie.

Can I Give My Dog Any Type Of Pumpkin Product?

Dogs should not consume pumpkin pie or canned pumpkin pie filling due to the presence of sugar, seasonings, and dairy products, but they can consume simple pumpkin purée in moderation. You can buy canned pumpkin purée that is unseasoned at the grocery store or you can buy a full pumpkin at your neighborhood farmers market and create your own purée. Roast or steam the fresh pumpkin since cooked pumpkin is safer for dogs than raw pumpkin.

With its abundance of minerals and antioxidants like vitamin A and potassium, plain pumpkin can boost your dog's health and help with conditions like constipation. However, avoid giving your dog a lot of pumpkin because it contains a lot of fiber, which can induce diarrhea.

pumpkin pie with slice taken out

Review: Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Pie?

Dogs should never be given pumpkin pie. Despite the fact that pumpkin provides nutritional advantages for dogs, pumpkin pie is incredibly sugary, which is never a good thing for dogs. Most likely, your dog will be fine if he ate some of your Thanksgiving pie.

Save pumpkin pie for your human family members since it contains components that are unsafe for canines to consume. The good news is that the pumpkin itself isn't the issue. In truth, ordinary canned pumpkin is a pleasant and nutrient-rich treat for your dog as long as it is given in moderation. It is high in fiber and other vitamins and minerals while being low in fat.

Keep pumpkin pie away from your dog. If he eats any pumpkin pie and experiences a negative reaction, consult your veterinarian. Your vet may have you treat your dog at home or bring him in for evaluation, depending on the circumstances.

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