How to teach your dog to fetch the paper. Learn how to teach your dog to fetch the newspaper.

How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch the Paper

How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch the Paper

Learning how to teach your dog to fetch the paper for you is not only a useful and practical technique, but also a fun one. Your dog will be delighted to perform something kind for you, and he will appreciate the rewards.

You'll need some tasty goodies to tempt and reward your dog for good behavior while teaching him to fetch a newspaper.

Prepare to teach fetching a newspaper in stages, beginning with getting your dog introduced to the newspaper. Make sure you practice each new step every day so your dog understands what you're looking for.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to teach your dog to fetch the paper:

Introduce the Paper

The first step is to train your dog to fetch the paper is by giving it to him, then taking it back and rewarding him with a treat.

It could help to start by rolling the paper up with a rubber band to stop it from unraveling.

Let Your Dog Hold the Paper

Extend the time duration by letting your dog hold the newspaper. Make sure your dog is comfortable holding the newspaper.

Introduce Command

Place a newspaper in the mouth of your dog. Hold a reward up to his nose and say the command words 'drop it' once he has the newspaper in his mouth.

At this moment, your dog should drop whatever he's holding in order to accept the treat.

Use "Pick it up" Command

Put the newspaper in your dog's mouth and say, "pick it up".  Give your dog positive reinforcement for picking up the newspaper. 

Because your dog should be able to 'drop it' after a little period of time with the newspaper in her mouth, use the command 'drop it' and reward him with a treat.

dog being trained to fetch paper


Your dog won't learn to fetch the paper overnight, although it can be done rather quickly. Most dog's can learn within a few weeks time.

Remember to keep training your dog using the "drop it" and pick it up" command. Repetition is key.

Increase Distance

Place the paper on the other side of the room, gradually increasing the distance between you and the paper. Ask your dog to pick up the paper with the command 'pick it up,' and reward him.

Use the command 'drop it' to have her drop the paper at your feet when she returns it to you.

Introduce "Newspaper" Command

Set the newspaper on the front doorway and practice the instructions from a distance after your dog has learned 'pick it up' and 'drop it.'

Place the newspaper in the same spot every day and use the word 'newspaper' so he learns where to find the newspaper.

Review: How To Teach Your Dog To Fetch The Paper

Learning how to teach your dog to fetch the paper is not too difficult. It can take some time depending on the dog, the trainer, and how long you have been practicing.

Just remember, training your dog should be a happy and enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. Take your time and have fun!

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