redbone coonhound lab mix

Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix - Your New Favorite Dog!

Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix - Your New Favorite Dog!

If you're considering getting a dog, you may be wondering what kinds of dogs are out there. One option is to get a Redbone Coonhound Lab mix – a cross between a Redbone Coonhound and a Labrador Retriever.

These dogs are known for being friendly, intelligent, and loyal. They can make great pets for people of all ages. If you're thinking about getting one of these dogs, here's some information on what to expect.

What Is A Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix?

The Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix is a unique combination of two popular and beloved breeds. Not only does this mix boast the kind and gentle nature of the Labrador Retriever, but it also brings with it the intelligence and alertness of the Redbone Coonhound.

Redbone Coonhound

The Redbone Coonhound is a beautiful, medium-sized breed of dog with a distinctive tri-color coat. Originating in the United States, these dogs are vigorous, loyal and intelligent animals that make great companions for active families.

In addition to their stylish looks, Redbone Coonhounds are also known for their excellent hunting skills and endurance as they can pursue their quarry over long distances, through difficult terrain and across water. But don’t let their work ethic fool you - this breed is a total couch potato who loves nothing more than snuggles with its owners and lying around the house all day!

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most beloved breeds of dog around the world! Not only are they adored for their goofy personalities, but they are also highly intelligent and have a strong work ethic. Labradors make great family dogs due to their friendly and easy-going nature.

They are also great with children, making them an ideal companion for households with kids of all ages. Furthermore, Labradors have a natural love for water making them excel at activities such as swimming and fetching. Combine all these qualities and it's no surprise why the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in the United States.

redbone coonhound lab mix puppy laying in the grass

Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix Personality & Temperament

The Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix is an incredibly loyal and loving family companion. Highly trainable and eager to please, they will do their best to win over the hearts of their owners with their enthusiasm.

This pup is alert and aware of its surroundings, making them a great watchdog when needed. Typically gentle, these dogs show devotion and affection to their owners while also cooperating well with strangers due to basic socialization training.

Despite loving children, they can sometimes be too energetic and boisterous during playtime, so it would be ideal for small children to be supervised at all times when interacting with this large dog breed.

On walks, the Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix could try to wander off if not on a leash since they have inquisitive minds that are eager to explore new scents and sights in the environment around them.

Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix Appearance & Grooming


These mixed breed pups are typically shorter than their purebred parent breeds, standing at about 21-24 inches tall at the shoulder, and weighing an average of 55-70 lbs.

The Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix is a stunning hybrid that has the unique features of both breeds. This breed will usually inherit the short, smooth coat characteristic of labradors and the deep mahogany colour from redbones. The striking chestnut eyes are often one of the first things people notice about this breed, along with its long legs and pointed ears that give it an air of athleticism.


The Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix is a delightful breed that requires minimal grooming. A weekly brushing schedule coupled with regular bathing will help keep their short, sleek coats free of mats and tangles. Their fur needs to be trimmed around the face, eyes, ears, and paws as this can help minimize dirt build-up.

It is also important to periodically check their ears for any infections or irritations as this lovely mix has a tendency towards ear wax buildup. Finally, regular nail trimming should also be done in order to keep your pup happy and active!

redbone coonhound lab mix laying down an a dog bed

What Is The Lifespan Of A Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix?

The Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix has a lifespan of approximately 11 to 14 years. Their life expectancy is dependent on factors such as general health, activity levels, and the quality of food and nutrition that it consumes.

It is important for owners of Redbone Coonhound Lab Mixes to make sure their pet receives regular checkups from its vet and a balanced diet suitable for its age and size. With proper care, your furry companion can lead an active, healthy life that could keep them around for many happy years to come.

Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix General Health & Common Conditions

This mixed-breed dog has excellent overall health; however, as with any mixed-breed pup, it is important to check its parents’ specific genetic history in order to assess possible inherited ailments. Common health conditions that may affect the Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix include:


One of the most common health issues for Redbone Coonhound Labs is allergies. Allergies can cause a variety of symptoms, including itchiness, redness, and swelling.

Allergies can be caused by a variety of things, including environmental allergens, food allergies, and flea allergies. If your dog is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to take them to the vet to determine the cause and get appropriate treatment.


Arthritis is another common health issue in Redbone Coonhounds Labs. Arthritis is a condition that causes pain and inflammation in the joints. It is more common in older dogs, but can occur at any age. If your dog is showing signs of arthritis, such as limping or stiffness, it is important to take them to the vet for treatment.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are also common in Redbone Coonhounds. Ear infections can cause a variety of symptoms, including itchiness, redness, and discharge from the ears. If you notice any of these symptoms in your dog, it is important to take them to the vet for treatment.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is another common health issue in Redbone Coonhound Labs. Hip dysplasia is a condition that causes the hip joint to develop abnormally. This can lead to pain and lameness in the affected leg. If you notice your dog limping or having difficulty moving around, it is important to take them to the vet for an examination.

redbone coonhound lab mix looking at camera

Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix Exercise Needs

The Redbone Coonhound Lab mix is a designer dog that combines the energy of the Redbone Coonhound with the intelligence of the Labrador Retriever, making it an ideal companion for active dog owners.

As with both parental breeds, this mixed breed requires daily exercise to prevent behavioral issues from developing. The Redbone Coonhound Lab mix in particular needs a significant amount of physical and mental stimulation because of its particularly active nature.

This can include long walks, jogs, and hikes for its daily physical activity requirements. Puzzles, new tricks, and interactive toys are also great tools to ensure proper mental stimulation in order to keep your canine happy and content. If given these types of activities regularly, your Redbone Coonhound Lab mix will surely be an energetic and dependable companion!

How Much Training Does A Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix Need?

It's important to ensure that any owner of a Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix takes the time to invest in proper training and socialization. This will help ensure your beloved pup grows into a balanced and well-behaved dog. Training needs may vary depending on the individual pup's personality, but overall they require positive reinforcement, patience, consistency and lots of praise.

Training your pup includes teaching the basics such as sit, stay, come, heel and more. Beyond basic commands, it’s best practice to get your pup familiar with other people and animals through pleasant interactions. This kind of socialization will help keep your dog confident in strange or new environments as they age.

redbone coonhound lab mix playing in the water with a stick

Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix Nutrition & Feeding

As a medium-sized breed, the Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix needs adequate nutrition to maintain their health and energy levels. It's important to feed them a balanced diet that includes high-quality proteins, grains, and vegetables.

Try to choose natural ingredients to avoid processed foods that may have unnatural preservatives or flavorings. Dry kibble is convenient and preferred by some owners but be sure to note the type of kibble and its ingredient list so you can provide your pup with an adequate supply of amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

Alternatively, you can feed wet food or even a mixture of both for variety. As with all breeds, it’s important to ensure that the daily caloric intake does not exceed the recommended amount so be sure to consult your veterinarian for weight management advice.

Do Redbone Coonhound Labs Get Along With Children & Other Pets?

The Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix is a friendly and loyal breed, making them great family companions. Typically they are fantastic with both children and other pets, as long as they are properly socialized at an early age. They are known to enjoy the company of other animals even going so far as to take initiative in playtime interactions!

As far as children go, these pups form strong bonds through their eagerness for interaction, but will need early training when it comes to teaching acceptable behavior for being around small kids. All in all, with proper socialization the Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix makes an excellent addition to any family looking for a loving companion.

redbone coonhound mix smiling at camera

Breed Review: Redbone Coonhound Lab Mix

The Redbone Coonhound Lab mix is an intelligent and friendly breed that loves to be around its owner. The base breeds of this wonderful hybrid are the Redbone Coonhound and Labrador Retriever, both known for their companionship, loyalty, good-naturedness, and intelligence.

This mixed breed typically adopts characteristics from each parent breed but might lean more in one direction than others. Generally speaking, they have a muscular body and endearingly floppy ears. They have a short smooth coat that requires minimal maintenance which makes them ideal for those with limited grooming experience or time.

In addition to being relatively low-maintenance, these dogs make great family pets due to their pleasant nature that allows them to get along well with children and other animals. Ultimately, this hybrid dog is sure to bring lots of love and laughs into any home! If you are looking for a loving and affectionate dog, the Redbone Coonhound Lab mix may be the perfect breed for you!


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