What To Do After Picking Your Dog up From The Kennel

What To Do After Picking Your Dog up From The Kennel

What To Do After Picking Your Dog up From The Kennel

You've been on vacation and you put your furry friend in the kennel while your away. Now it's time to pick him up and you're worried. Will your dog be upset? Excitable? What do you do now?

The most important thing to remember is that your dog will be happy to see you. Follow these steps to ensure your dog has a happy and stress free return to his home.

Take Your Dog for a Walk First

Your impulse when picking up your dog from kennel is to take her right inside your home, but if you want to avoid any accidents in the house, it's better to take your dog for a walk around the block before going inside.

Even the most flawlessly house-trained dog can develop an overactive bladder due to the joy of seeing you again, so it's critical that you pause and allow your dog to relieve herself first.

Don't Feed your Dog Right Away

It's best to wait at least an hour after picking your dog up from the kennel before feeding your dog, even if it's his regular supper time. Because of all excitement, your dog's stomach may get upset. This kind of excitement drives dogs to eat more quickly, which might lead to vomiting.

Wait until your dog has calmed down before feeding her. If your dog is particularly excitable or eats quickly, you may wish to divide the usual amount of food into two smaller portions.

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Limit Your Dog’s Water Intake After Picking Your Dog Up From The Kennel

Your dog will most likely develop a strong thirst as a result of his enthusiastic panting and the ride home. Slurping down an entire bowl of water too rapidly can cause vomiting, just as it might with food.

Limit the amount of water you put in your dog's bowl initially, rather than allowing him to drink as much as he wants all at once. Offering ice cubes for your dog to lick is another solution that is especially helpful for smaller dogs.

Let your pup relax after coming home from dog boarding with some ice cubes that will keep her hydrated without drinking water too quickly!

Let Your Dog Relax!

Don't be concerned if your dog appears to be a little more fatigued than usual the first few days after returning picking your dog up from the kennel. The excitement of seeing you again, as well as the extra activity around your return, may cause your dog to require more rest than usual.

At the end of the day, the most important things to remember are to keep your dog happy. Your dog will get very excited after not seeing you for an extended period of time. Greet your dog, let them relax, and feed them and they will settle back into their home in no time.

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